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Vyve "Broadband" bought out our local mom and pop ISP in 2014. I put broadband in quotes because despite many promises of 105Mbps connections, in the two years since Vyve bought out our local company, our 10Mbps service (that's not a typo, the best service Vyve offers in this area is TEN Mbps, which doesn't even qualify as a broadband connection by FCC standards) has gotten worse if anything. We have outages at least once a month, but more often than not multiple times a day.

For the past 3 weeks, we have not been able to use the internet during the day. Vyve's router/modem constantly shows, poor upstream or downstream signal (or both), it resets itself several times an hour, running network diagnostic tools shows an unbelievable amount of packet loss. Call in to tech support and they see a problem but they say it's not a software problem, it's a hardware problem so they will schedule a tech (this is after jumping all their hoops and dealing with multiple rude and arrogant tech support individuals). They have sent out a tech to our home 5 times now in the past 3 weeks for the same problem. The first time the tech told us that he can't fix it if it's not having problem while he's here (he was here a total of 5 minutes and we had logs of what it had been doing for the hour before he was here that he refused to look at). The internet dropped out again 15 minutes after he left. More of the same the second time he came out. The third time he came out, he determined it was a faulty modem/router. He replaced the modem/router and declared the problem fixed since it came on when he plugged everything in. 5 minutes after he left it was out again. The fourth time he came out, he supposedly replaced all the wiring and fittings from the box outside into our house. Again, he declared the problem fixed and then the internet was out again 10 minutes after he left. Tech support scheduled him to come out again the next day with his supervisor but instead he called us and said that he would not be coming out and that his supervisor would be out the next week. Supervisor shows up, says he found problems the tech missed or just didn't see. Replaces one part out on the lines almost 1/4 mile from our house that he said was overheating and says we can text him if we have anymore problems. Internet starts acting up again an hour after he left. We texted him to let him know, wait 24 hours with no response from supervisor before calling tech support. Tech support says they don't have any record of that supervisor ever even coming to our house much less replacing anything but that we did still have an open tech support ticket.

We got our bill in the mail and there is a $40 charge for a field visit. Call Vyve to ask what the charge is and we were told that the day the tech called and didn't show up for our 5th visit in three weeks, he submitted the ticket say that there was nothing wrong so we were charged for the visit!!! He never even came to our house that day! He called telling us that he would not be showing up! Supposedly that charge has been removed since we still had an open ticket for the same problem but really!?! We have been told multiple times that we will receive a credit when the problem is fixed but now it feels like they are trying to pad the bill to offset the credit!

I've included a screenshot of our service over the past hour. All the red lines are packet loss significant enough to cause a loss of service. The wide red lines are where the router/modem completely reset itself. If Vyve cannot even properly maintain a 10Mbps connection, I have little hope we will ever see a true broadband connection of 25Mbps, much less the 105Mbps connections they promised us 2 years ago! Add to this the problems we've had with billing customer service, promises of a call back on an issue, but we never get a call and then being told that they have no record of anyone telling us they would call us back... It's an absolute mystery to us how Vyve manages to stay in business, much less hold a monopoly on internet service in rural areas.

Oh and we tried submitting a complaint to the BBB about the service we have received from Vyve. The response we received was that we need to have a service tech come check out the lines at our house and that they will be upgrading our service "soon".....

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