No internet service again!!! EVERYTIME service is scheduled I wait ALL DAY with no call and no show.

Vyve's own dispatch can never get ahold of the tech. Dispatch always promises they will call back and they never do....MUST BE VYVE'S COMPANY POLICY...they just tell you what the customer wants to hear. Last time I had service the tech told me the line bringing in service needed attention and was expected to have future problems. They have not addressed the problem and I'm down again.

This is a HUGE hindrance to my business. If I ran my business like they do I would not have a business.

There is no excuse for not calling or keeping the customer informed! Shame on you Vyve Broadband!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Vyve sucks!! Price goes up, service goes down.. Monthly!!

Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States #1263505

Are you still having issues?

I have the same issues. One of the managers that my mother went to interview with back in July '16 said that they should've replaced every single cable line running thru the whole city because they were the previous companies lines that are probably 40 year old wiring and while they may have replaced some of the lines that have been ripped down or deteriorated due to their old age they were only designed for TV and they've been using them for TV, Internet and VoIP (Phone over Internet) for most of the city as they did a deal where you could get 105Mbps (over a line that shouldn't even have 70Mbps for one person) with TV and Home Internet for about $90/month with 1TB of Internet access a month (if you use over 1TB it's supposed to slow down but they never have slowed it down because it already drops out too much).

However, the rest of the town with any sense uses AT&T DSL however I live just outside town and can't get AT&T but would rather have their 12Mbps max limit instead of Vyve's unreliable service.

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